Wheezy Waiter features various characters. Though usually played all by himself and differentiated by jump cuts or video merging, he does occasionally use other people. Below is meant to be a complete list of unique characters (other than all unnamed clones). Feel free to help us out by adding one you find is missing, or giving more details to an existing character.

Wheezy Waiter

Happy Clone

Angsty Clone

Quiet Clone

Jerk Clone

Sexy Clone

Speech Impediment Clone

Stalker Clone

Limit Clone

Easily Amused Clone (only a small appearence so far?)

Misunderstanding, overly helpful Clone

Indiana Jones Clone

Cleanly Clone

Doctor Clone

Paranoid Clone

Clone in Love

Revenge Clone

Craig With A Wig

Craig from the close up

Party Goers

Foul-mouthed Mom

Ty the Regular Guy

"Get Drunk" Dad




Stoner Michael Phelps


(temporarily) David Hasselhoffo

Go-Dance Clone

Musical-Emotive Clone

Quiet Clone

Oh-yeah Clone

Oh-no Clone

Coffee Clone